Life is just one big performance art piece.

Art is Anywhere.


The Anal Artist is a creative lifestyle.

Host Cate Imperio is anal about art, her opinions, and she literally paints with her butt.


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an art form, but is it also just a term for people who want to get their rocks off yet are too prude to masturbate? What is it, who makes it, and what are people doing with it? Is ASMR just a fancy word for fetish?

This week features a thousand better ways to spend your money than a horrifically unique solid black bat tattoo behind your ear, leaving you with a flock of five on each side of your head, carefully accumulating over the past few years of your adult life, just like the...

Re-purposing, recycling, or straight up robbery? Though Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka's use of classic works of art in her contemporary collage is seamless, is it stealing? Is incorporating the art of others into ones own the same as rappers sampling b...

 Cate explores the public's unique definitions of the word art.

Cate explores the art of electrical stimulation with Dr. Clockwork, practiced instructor and manufacturer of electrical and medical oddities for over 10 years.

Fannys, we explore Carlos' paintings, what he considers 'Fucked Up Art,' fights with fine artists about the meaning of certain pieces, anal bleaching, abstract art, Jackson Pollock, and more. Love his work? Visit

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Beauty is in the eye of the buttholder.