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Best Oscar Fuck Up Sum Up

Seinfeld fans and Oscar fuck up lovers rejoice. I stumbled upon the following gem early this morning via an Instagram post by the notorious user @Seinfeld2000, who posts daily as if Seinfeld is still alive and running in present day. If you are a die hard show about nothing fan like myself, you can follow @Seinfeld2000 on both Twitter and Instagram for iconic content about nothing mashed with present day happenings.

Oh, and what about the Oscars? Who gives a fuck really? Well, if you must know, the presenters of the 2017 Best Picture Award pulled a Steve Harvey at The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant and announced the wrong film, La La Land, as the winner. The film that officially won was Moonlight. The incident might have actually been better than a 'Steve Harvey' in that the mistake was rectified only after ALL of The La La Land cast and crew had made the trudge out of their rows and down the aisle and up to the center of the stage in a huddle holding the award and thanking Lion's Gate, and of course, The Academy. And when ALL of the Moonlight cast and crew made it to the stage, the sight was definitely the Academy's ploy to stage a symbolic statement of a racially unified Academy. It was a race race to the stage whereas Miss Columbia just happened to be standing there.

Oh, and if you missed last night's awards and/or have no idea what the fuck I am talking about, watch these historic award show clips below.

Seinfeld Bonus Advice: When it comes to race relations, look to the black and white cookie.

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