Life is just one big performance art piece.

Art is Anywhere.


The Anal Artist is a creative lifestyle.

Host Cate Imperio is anal about art, her opinions, and she literally paints with her butt.


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an art form, but is it also just a term for people who want to get their rocks off yet are too prude to masturbate? What is it, who makes it, and what are people doing with it? Is ASMR just a fancy word for fetish?

Sat & Sun are great days for you to explore the art of the BBQ grill as this Memorial Day weekend is surround by the concerts of "closer to their memorial days than others" performing artists Tom Jones, Paul Simon, & Joan Jett. P.S. Happy Stormy Daniels Day...

Plenty of places to play, not much worth doing. However, there are always some experiences that stand out, such as Beyond The Streets definitive showcase of graffiti and street art.

Alright kids, hold onto your fannys. This week is sensory overload featuring the paintings of John Wayne Gacy, the final days of Jasper Johns' retrospective exhibit, and RuPaul's DragCon. Ever heard of a little chubby artist named John Wayne Gacy? Perhaps the...

Short and sweet, just like a birthday, New York Dolls set by Sylvain Sylvain, Santa Anita's Derby Party, psychobilly's finest: The Guana Batz, a Piñata Protest and Manic Hispanic double header, and the closing of Paper-Thin Hotel. Annddd... they're off!

This week's featured Insta Art, O happy meal 🎵 by Dan Cretu, sparks a conversation about its all too literal representation of McDonald's first Restaurant-Museum in Italy. For the sake of this article, we're just going to bypass the figurative discussions...

I have to say I am super excited that this week is lacking compared to the festival frenzy of weeks passed. Sometimes you need a good excuse to just hulu and chill...with the second season of The Handmaid's Tale. If you venture out, happenings include the opening o...

A plethora of 420 enhancing "all you can eat and experience" festivals including one stop shop art and music events like The Magic Bus Experience, BROKE LA, and Odd Nights at the Autry, perfect for when you smoke yourself into an immobile stupor. If you never...

This week features a thousand better ways to spend your money than a horrifically unique solid black bat tattoo behind your ear, leaving you with a flock of five on each side of your head, carefully accumulating over the past few years of your adult life, just like the...

This week features more than enough playgrounds for both day and night, Angelenos. Eagerly brace your brain and body to be hopping about stimulating happenings of disco and drag, landing you into the beds of artists.

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Beauty is in the eye of the buttholder.