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Breast In Show

An Original Anal Artist Series

Breast In Show is a web series consisting of art, documentary, mocumentary, and informative episodes involving breasts, but mainly a single breast. This series is inspired by a true story, a sequence of events that, I, Cate Imperio, aka The Anal Artist, have encountered and been keeping a secret from my very public life for the past 3 years. In 2014 my left breast began to grow exponentially larger than my right breast. The next few years consisted of doctors, MRI's, and even surgeries. I intend to share all of that with you, artists. Consider the ongoing and spontaneous release of episodes and blog articles my art therapy; sublimating my story into humor, absurdity, and education using creativity. Confused? So was I. I learned early on that apparently these days if you don't have cancer, no one cares.

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