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running with scissors (sold)
Falling Against The Grain
yizard yove (sold)
Childhood Dreams
your mom (sold)

Cate Imperio creates most of her anal artwork using a method call anal drawing or painting. The latter part of the term is dependent upon the medium for the method of creation remains relatively the same: using one’s buttocks as or holding the stylus of choice. She is constantly experimenting and expanding her repertoire of anal mediums. Cate is currently developing a new butt plug that once inserted, will be able to hold styluses of a variety of widths firmly and securely, allowing for transitioning between different writing utensils and brushes at arms length with great facility. Her work has been featured and sold in gallery shows across the United States and her performance pieces have been exercised in both solo and multi-artist shows in locations spanning the globe.

Don't move a butt muscle! More anal art videos and pieces for sale coming soon.

Commissions Welcome! Please contact Cate here.

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