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John Waters and Cate Imperio
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60 Seconds To Die

April 01, 2017

A few months back I acted in a sixty-second horror short to be submitted to 60 Seconds To Die: an anthology sixty sixty-second shorts directed by sixty established as well as up and coming independent horror filmmakers from across the globe. Sixty Sixty Sixty. Shane Ryan wrote and directed the short I appear in. It was a pleasure to work with him. The film was produced by Tony Newton, known for Grindsploitation (2016), Virus of the Dead (2016) and Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels (2016). 60 Seconds to Die is set to make its US premiere at The Legless Corpse Film Festival in Somerville, Alabama April 22nd. Luckily for you, a teaser trailer has been released, and guess what—I’m in it. Let’s see if you can spot me. For updates on the 60 Seconds To Die, refer to the film’s Facebook page.

Sullen TV

April 01, 2017

One of my oldest and still closest of friends since I moved to California is none other than Anthony “Tiny Bubz” Biuso.  Formerly drummer of T.S.O.L. for over 10 years and forever an overall badass standup dude, Tiny’s latest takeover is hosting “Tiny Talk,” a web show on Sullen TV.  Last month, I met up with him at Ink-N-Iron Festival aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  Samantha and I had both the honor and pleasure of appearing on his new show.  We unprofessionally make a memorable appearance at 1:51 and don’t miss a special interview with Ricochet at 2:40 in which he speaks of his urge to cut the “eye covering hair” off emo kids with his teeth.  This week’s episode of Tiny Talk is a real treat.

The Bonobo Way Launch

April 01, 2017

Dr. Susan Block has written another book titled The Bonobo Way.  The Bonobo Way explores “The evolution of peace through pleasure.”  Samantha and  I had the pleasure of attending her book launch party which also celebrated The Captain Max’s birthday and the Grand Opening of the new Speakeasy at Bonoboville headquarters.  It was a fucking blast—and the amount of fun had is not even worth expressing in words for it cannot be conveyed.


The Bonobo Way Launch Party

As part of Dr. Suzy’s celebratory launch week, The Bonobo Way is being offered as a free kindle download now through November 16th.  I advise you to take advantage.  Free download can be acquired here.


The Bonobo Way Giveaway

More updates regarding The Bonobo Way, our Bonobo Family at The Dr. Susan Block Institute, and coverage of our appearance on The Dr. Susan Block show to come!  Stay tuned.

Battalion of Saints

April 03, 2017

Cate and Sam grace the cover of Battalion of Saint’s latest vinyl release.  These new tunes will be extra special due to what is on the outside: us. That’s right, amazingly talented artist Lee Ellingson, whom Sam and I have formed a very creative bond with via the internet, rendered us in the commissioned artwork.  Can you say punk rock?

Click here to read a recent feature from on Battalion of Saint’s latest release as well as their upcoming tour schedule

Click here to purchase this masterpiece. Hurry this is limited addition, only 1,000 will be released, even less clear vinyl.

Featured On Dr. Susan Block Homepage

April 01, 2017

Fire in the hole! Literally. I am both extremely thrilled and honored to be feature on the ALL NEW Dr. Susan Block Homepage!  Check it out!  I promise I am not just blowing smoke up your ass.

The Funk Zone Podcast

April 01, 2017

A few weeks ago, the Unlicensed Professionals, Samantha Fairley and myself, had the pleasure of being invited to sit down, two on one, with Ted Mills.  Ted Mills is a good friend whom I have worked with on such occasions as his silent film What A Pool Believes which has won several local and international awards.  We are avid supporters of each others artistic endeavors, past, present, and future, whatever they may be.  “Work,” or creating rather, aside, Ted’s sit down with Samantha and I was all about the UnPros.


Funk Zone Podcast

His latest project is a weekly podcast in which he interviews artists, in all forms of the word, mostly Santa Barbara locals practicing in a plethora of mediums, in their creative space.  The latter is something I really admire about the podcast format—Ted gets to step inside the creative physical zone of each and every artist while he is getting a glimpse into each of their minds.

So, for the first Unlicensed Professionals related time, someone was allowed to come in and sit on our couch. Ted, Samantha, and myself were so comfortable and mentally ignited by titillating conversation topics, the Podcast need to be split into two parts.  Part 1, Episode 25, aired March 24, 2015 and Part 2, Episode 26, has just been released yesterday, March 31, 2015.  According to Funk Zone Podcast, Part 1 has been one of their most popular podcasts to date.

As listed by Ted…

Episode 25: Cate and Sam, Unlicensed Professionals Part 1 of 2

Topics discussed include:

Their first podcast
The problem with dressing as a guy
How the two met
The weirdest reactions to their act
Making fun of gluten free trends
Cate growing up in Long Island
How she maneuvered Catholic School
Cate’s family history and long convoluted drug history
Her very brief time in New Orleans
Pot smoking in NYC compared to Santa Barbara
How Cate finally quit drugs
Her “Bjork Swan” phase

Episode 26: Cate and Sam, Unlicensed Professionals Part 2 of 2

Topics discussed include:

Sam’s story growing up in Tahoe and her family
A brief mention of Reno by way of Burning Man
The Reno zoo, which sounds really depressing
Sam’s Catholic School experience
How Sam got to Santa Barbara
Why male roommates are better than girls
All about scabies
Cate and Sam’s dynamics
The DTEASE and how Cate wound up managing them
How the DTEASE may turn you into an erotic animal
Erotic awakening vs. UCSB’s hookup culture
Crying 4 Kafka and how Cate and Sam got on Susan Block’s show
Is it porn or is it art?
Going to the Adult Video Convention in Vegas and what they learned
Their AVN shwag
The upcoming year and new projects
Their boundaries and what they wouldn’t do

Lastly, we want to thank Ted Mills for The Funk Zone Podcast honor of appearance and inclusion.  Subscribe and Listen on iTunes or visit to keep up with the fabulously weird artsies Ted Mills gets down and dirty with each week.

Testicle Head Comic Book

April 01, 2017

eSEX inspired artwork in Lee Ellingson’s latest Testicle Head comic

Ellingson exclaims, “Heres the detail on the the playing card for this cover. I did it for Catherine Imperio. I really like what Electric SEX enterprises is doing. These girls are smart and everything they do is so funny. You should check it out and ask to be her friend!”

Did you notice the playing cards?


Esex inspired playing cards

The ace of spades artwork is extremely well done, creative, and definitely encompasses what my company/I are all about.  Lee states this is only the beginning.  He later posted a full page sampler of the actual comic/store which features The DTEASE and a bloody head shot of my partner in crime Samantha Fairley.


A page from the issue

Lee also claims I will be featured in this upcoming issue.  He plans to make sure the world knows about Samantha and I and that this will only be the beginning of our fame.  I am very flattered and honored by his admiration and the execution of the artistic inspiration he receives from us.  Let’s Rock.

Dr. Susan Block Show Correspondant

April 01, 2017

ate last night I received a call to be a guest on The Dr. Susan Block show to talk about the horrific tragedy that occurred in Isla Vista/Santa Barbara Friday night (5/23) at the hands of a man whose name in my opinion is not even worthy of being mentioned; we need not further fulfill his master plans of psychological retribution and fame after death.


LIVE Appearance via Skype

I appeared live via Skype far from dressed to impress from my living room in my p.j.’s with my dragon Ricochet.

Watch last night’s episode at and a big thank you to Dr. Suzy, The Captain, and the entire cast and crew at The Dr. Susan Block Show for making all of the magic possible!

Towned Podcast

April 04, 2017

Weekly podcaster and Santa Barbara local Patrick Melroy took a chance on the Unlicensed Professionals, last week, allowing them in studio for a closer look at the madness, ours that is. Although solely audio, as most podcasts are, Samantha and I were definitely able to hold our ground, sounding everything from our childhood, horror movies, Santa Barbara dining [or lack thereof], the weekly vlog process, our viral videos, to meat drapes. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I dropped the N word a few times, but only to point out the few situations in which a white person like myself can say it and it neither be offensive nor toe stepping [says the white girl. Listen below for another slice of the Unlicensed Professional’s inner pie.

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