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Art Challenge of the Week

Art is everywhere, and yet as busy as we are, we still struggle to find the time to be creative. Well, newsflash, we can be artistic at any time and doing anything---things we already have on our to do list like make dinner, plan our outfit for tomorrow or a party next week, organize the pantry, move our car to the other side of the street so we don't get a ticket, take a shower, pick our nose, you get the idea. Art shouldn't always make you have to think so hard, yet its brain benefits can change your life. Behold the Weekly Art Challenge from The Anal Artist.

Each week we will be presenting you viewers with a new simple, and sometimes bizarro, creative challenge to complete at some point during your busy Monday through Sunday. Need to post it on social media in order to feel good about yourself or it or keep you accountable? We encourage it! Get in the conversation and join the movement with other artists from around the globe doing the same simple art life pieces each week and using the hashtag #artchallenge and #artchallengeotw

Be sure to follow @theanalartist on Instagram to keep up with the latest challenges each week as well as other exciting art news and life art.

Got an art challenge idea of your own? Submit your cosmically creative concepts via email to and write 'Art Challenge' in the subject line.

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